Btopix User Forums Rules and Conditions

Principles of Btopix User Forum.

Thank you for your interest in Btopix User Discussion Forums. To ensure a civil forum community, users are required to follow certain rules. These rules, applicable for all Btopix User Forum in addition to the Terms of Service and Legal Disclaimer of Btopix web site.

In using Btopix User Forum, you agree to be bound by the following rules and conditions. You further agree that all information you provide in your registration is accurate. If you do not agree with these terms, you should not register or participate in Btopix User Forum.

The Btopix User Forum has always been an invitational forum and never an ideological platform. Above all, we ask simply that you voice your opinions in a tasteful manner, respecting the many others in home and from around the world who form this online community.

You might want to spend some time following discussions before you participate. Discussions are more rewarding when users post messages relating to the discussion topic and avoid repetitive or excessively lengthy posts. Posts to Btopix User Forum are publicly visible to all visitors.

If you ever wish to give us feedback on our site in general, or on Btopix User Forum in particular, visit our feedback page.

Users Are Legally Responsible and Liable for Posts.

You agree that you are fully responsible and legally liable for the content that you post or made using your name and password. If your password is lost, you may reset a new password by clicking the "Reset Password" button in the profile.

The Right to Move, Edit, or Delete Posts.

The Btopix expect users of Btopix User Forum to follow rules that protect other users and persons from the invasion of their rights and privacy. The Btopix has no obligation to monitor the forums, or any submissions or other materials that you or other third parties transmit or post on Btopix User Forum. The Btopix does, however, have the right, but not the obligation, to monitor Btopix User Forum and the materials you transmit or post. Should you violate or allow another person to use your account to violate any of the following rules, The reserves the right to move, edit, or delete your post or discussion thread:

  • Posts that are defamatory, libelous or an invasion of privacy or violation of the rights of another user, person, or party.
  • Posts that are obscene, abusive, harassing, threatening, off-topic or inappropriate, as determined by the moderators of Btopix User Forum.
  • Posts that are in violation of copyright, trademark, or intellectual property laws, as determined by the moderators of Btopix User Forum.
  • Posts which attempt to impersonate or fraudulently represent another user, person, or party.
  • Posts in violation of Bangladesh, other countries or international law.
  • Posts which are in a language other than Bangla and English.
  • Posts promoting, soliciting for, advertising for, referring to commercial products or services. Btopix User Forum is designed for discussion.
  • Posts which are submitted repetitively, without any bearing on the discussion topic, or otherwise deliberately disrupting the forums.
  • Posts which include graphics, audio, videos, programing languages or other binary files. The forums are designed to be text-only.

The Right to Remove Users.

Every message in Btopix User Forum is automatically labeled with your user name and location. The Btopix reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to remove the posting privileges and/or eject a user permanently from the discussion forum for violating the Btopix User Forum rules and Conditions

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to seeing you in the Btopix User Forum.