Btopix Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use.

Welcome to Btopix. The following are the terms and conditions of this website. By accessing the Btopix website from any genre of the device, you acknowledge, accept and agree to simply abide by the mentioned terms and conditions of the website. This site got designed to make sure that Btopix works for everyone.

Before accessing or utilizing any service of this website, make sure as a user of this portal, you fully agree to the provided terms and conditions of the site. As you start utilizing this website, you fully agree or become bound to abide by the terms and conditions of this Btopix site. If you are not inclined to observe the below mentioned conditions of use, then it is better not to access the website or use any of this service. Users who have attained the age of eighteen can use this website.

Using Btopix.

You agree and understand that Btopix is an online podium that facilitates communication for the purposes of advertising and dispensing information pertaining to goods and/ or services. Being a user, you further agree as well understand that we do not advocate, market or promote any of the listings, postings or information on the site. And at any point of the time, we do not also possess or engage in the distribution of any of the goods and/ or services, you have posted, listed or provided information about on our portal. While interacting with other users or advertisers on our website we expect you to take proper judgment and apply sense before availing any service or using any product. In case of any communication gap between advertisers and buyers, this website cannot be held responsible.

Advertising policy.

To advertise with us you need to become a valid user and need to submit valid data for generating user ID and password. You can post an ad on our site either being an individual or as a business owner. As you opt to publish as a business owner you need to provide some data about your business. In case you deny providing the required data you will be unable to publish your required advertisement. An individual ad post needs to be get approved by the website admin. And for the business owner, a subscription package needs to be selected.

Data collection.

Data is important for publishing an advertisement with us. Data defined as any information that you need to furnish to us or other users of the Site during the process of registration as well as posting an ad or listing business. While using the discussion forums or in the course of using any other feature of the Services valid data is required. As you post or register you agree that you are the lawful owner and possess all rights of your information, and further agree that you are solely responsible and liable for your Information and that we act as a mere podium for your online distribution and publication of Your Information.

Fraudulent information.

As a user of the website, you agree not to publish any fraudulent, mislead, misinterpreted information about your product or service. You also lawfully agree to abstain from the sale of any illegal, stolen or fabricated product with the aid of this website. Being a user, you cannot refer to products or services which he/she is not the lawful owner or does not possess the authority for.

Restrictions for advertisement posting.

A user will not post any material that is a voice of racism, discrimination, and hatred based on caste, creed, religion, age, gender, and nationality. One cannot use any kind of slanderous or derogatory comments or remarks. A user shall not use any pornography, indecent or pornography contain that can harm the belief and practice of others.

Copyright information.

The Btopix website contains matter that includes website information, your information as well as other user-related information. And while using the portal you agree not to replicate, distribute, or modify any content.

Storage of personal data.

By using Btopix, you agree to the process of collection, transfer, depot as well as utilizing any personal information provided by you on our website. The data that you provide will get securely stored with us. Moreover, by acknowledging your resume with your replies, you give permission to us to publicly display your resume which can be easily accessed or approached by any other user.