Photography – with an option

Photography is not merely relative to hold the moment in time but has gained a trajectory that goes all the way deep through every field of work. It helps people in many ways to get their job done. Everyone uses photography for their purpose whether it is to accrue money or just to enlighten the soul. Journalists use it to capture a prime moment, families use it to save some of their memories while growing up, or some click it just to enlighten their souls. You name it and photography exists there. Every person in this world has a very high chance that he or she ever in their life has done some sort of photography. So the values it generates are tremendous.

Photography is a good example of technology discovered by the western world who at first did not accept it as an art. By the time changed a long struggle waged through to get photography its recognition as art. Now, what changes that photography is not stayed anymore a click to an object rather it emerged as an individual's personality who decides how to portray an image. He does take things into consideration, which may be required to get a superb image, as where to place the camera distance-wise? What should be the camera’s height? Natural light required or not, if yes then how much should it be and details about the picture's background and many more. In short, photography is a form of language that we use to communicate with the surroundings.

Many of us started photography as an amateur and later developed this habit on the next level. In today's time when mobile phones with front and rear cameras are flooding in use, people do take advantage of that. As hobby photography enlightens our soul but at the professional level, it takes a lot. The client's satisfaction is most important while submitting the work done. See, artistic fields are money wise not so well equated with other professions. Another profession requires diligent knowledge and training from the very beginning. Their values are measured in terms of profit, position, etc. whereas artist gets its value by being exhibited on exhibitions, in pages of magazines, live shows, etc.

An artist needs a platform to establish their work. So the digital platform is way more furious than ever before because it reaches millions of users at the same time. Hobbyists, freelancers, professionals, companies do post their work of art on digital platforms to reach out to their viewers. Artist seeks value to their work by admirers in terms of community gatherings, likes, shares, subscription, comments, etc for the post. it gives the inspiration to work better than the last work. Many people do not realize that on the very same platform both of them, whether they are hobbyists or professionals, posting their work simultaneously. That defines photography is a two-way alley that can enlighten your soul as well as gets you money. So being professional means you are keeping the legacy of photography alive. So, it's better to get skilled.

Why learn photography? 'composition' is a term very much essential in photography to enhance the aura of the image. The composition is mainly the harmony in the object portrayed together in an image that soothes our eyes. Biologically, our eyes see things in pieces and the brain helps identify all the things congruently. So, we also see things in compositions. That is why composition in any image is the key to hold anyone's eyes. All genres in photography require skill hand where the composition is common for each of them. Few of them are important to know about what we can do in our daily lives. They are as follows:-

Abstract photography: this type of photography comes straight from the photographer's eyes. If the artist sees an object differently than it is normally seen like any pattern, shape, color, etc called abstract photography.

Black and white photography: this genre specifically focuses on the use of gray shade only.

Candid photography: this genre is a little different than others. We don't pose for the candid photoshoot. We look natural in a clicked image.

Cityscape photography: here we click the city itself. Its streets, buildings, roads, etc are the main object for the photoshoot.

Composite photography: it is a genre where multiple images are portrayed as one image.

Drone photography: it's a kind of aerial photography which is very popular these days. Before drones, photographers used to land on a plane or an air balloon to click aerial images.

Event photography: we all love to click photos on any occasion. And there are guests, colorful ambiance which makes this genre very important.

Family photography: this is the most elegant genre in photography I believe. To catch our precious family moments in a frame, family members can either pose or be candid in the genre.

Landscape photography: this genre inspires us to click nature. It could be trees, rivers, mountains, lakes, changing season's ambient, etc. keeping in mind that wild photography is not the same as this is so we often get confused about both the genres.

Night photography: it's the most methodical genre. Images clicked at night require skills as low lit environment poses a great challenge for the image.

Portrait photography: it's a challenge among the photographer to click in such a genre because it emphasizes portraying groups of people or individual's personalities exclusively by pose, background, lighting, etc.

In Bangladesh, photography is flourishing career-wise. Many professional jobs can be found listed on the internet. As per the skill require aspirants can apply for the jobs. So in the end, it can be concluded that photography is not merely a hobby but much more beyond that. People are not crazy clicking anything on the street rather have a distinct perspective about how we see things.

It's all technology that we use to click an image, so the concern has a point in building good infrastructure for the sales and services of such equipment in Bangladesh. These pieces of equipment are very sophisticated in use, thus require proper maintenance from time to time. The availability of new and exact replacement of equipment at a given time could be severe. Thus, whenever you buy or sell anything lead a hassle-free experience by visiting our website and use the services and feel free to review us anytime.