How to sell a used car in Bangladesh?

Buying and selling a car is not an easy task rather it involves lots of patience especially when it comes to selling of used car. It involves loads of hard work and patience while yo opt to sale your old car. When you go and consult a car dealer they provide you with a less comparative price. A lesser value for your car can easily disappoint you. Do not settle for anything of lesser value while your car can deserve more. It is better for you not to involve in any kind of trap. But in this changing segment of automobiles you can not expect to receive a profit margin as well. So, what to do? Here are some steps that can help you to sell your used car. Take a look on the below-mentioned steps.

Steps for selling a used car -

Before you place your car for selling it do not forget to check the below-mentioned points.

  1. Go and visit a mechanic- Visiting a mechanic is very crucial. If your car is having or facing any kind of technical problem then try to solve the same before you intend to sell your car. No one likes to get their car fixed after purchasing it. And also in order to draw a higher rate it is wise in your case to fix all the technical issues before you intend to sell your old vehicle.
  2.  Make your car presentable- As you solve the technical problems of the car. And done with painting and denting your car you need to give your car a presentable look. When you are selling your car the gaze of it can entice a buyer to have your car. Therefore, try to give your vehicle proper wash as well as polishing.
  3.  Set the price logically- As you try to set the price you need to conduct a thorough research. Through a proper research or study you can get to understand the suitable market value of your car and can fix the price accordingly. While fixing the price do mention the after- market expenses such as seat covers, fixing the tires, etc. It can justify the price of your car. Do fix the price reasonably or else you might not get a willing customer for your vehicle.
  4.  Take a perfect picture- For selling your vehicle you need to get a perfect picture. Click a picture in a manner that can easily entice your customer to buy the car.
  5.  Post advertisements- There are various websites where you can post or publish your advertisements. You can also publish your ad on
  6.  Prepare all the documents well- Before you take initiative to sell your vehicle make sure all the papers are kept well versed and are legally perfect. So taht neither you nor your buyer faces any kind of trouble.


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