How to Post Ads on Marketplace

Advertisements are always an important part of a business. More and more people from all around Bangladesh and around the world will come to know about your products which you are selling. Advertisements show pictures of your products which attracts buyers. Advertisements also contain your name, address of your business, and phone numbers. offers you to post your ads free of cost. 

So let follow the steps given below to post ads for free in - 

Join -

 1. Open your browser and type in the address bar. 

2. Fill up the form with accurate details of yours i.e. Name, Contact number, Email, Password and agree with Btopix Terms of use and Privacy statement. 

3. Click on the Join Btopix button and you will receive an OTP code in your mobile phone. Please enter that OTP and click on the Submit button and you will be taken to the Index Page. 

Posting Ads in Marketplace -

1. Choose My Account from taskbar. Select Dashboard option.

2. Choose the POST AD option. You will be taken to a new page.

3. There are a number of Categories options at the left side. Choose the category which is related to your products or services. Selects the right Sub-category from the drop down menu.

4. For example, if you want to advertise to sell a book choose the Education and Training  from categories → Text books and study material from Sub-Categories. 

5.  A new page will display. Now provide required posting details.

6. First select Type of Posting? Example- If you want to just sell your product, select For Sale, If you are renting, select For Rent, If something for education, select Education and so on.

7. Check the Prohibited list box. If your post must not violate any of them marked in the list.

8. Now select the Condition of your product. 

9. Now enter a suitable Posting Title for your post. A short interesting title will be good.

10. Enter the Price as per your wish. Select the related option next to Price based on product and price.

11. Select Yes or No from the Negotiable section. 

12. Now Describe what makes your ad unique for your product.

13. Give your contact details such as phone numbers, email id.

14. Check the pre-populated Contact Details, so buyers can contact you.

15. Check I agree to terms and conditions and private policy and click on the Continue button.

16. In the next page upload your products images. Give attractive, bright, colorful pictures and click on the Next button.

17.  A page will display which will show a Preview of your post. How your post is going to look in Btopix marketplace. 

18.  Click on the Edit Ad button If you want to edit your post. Click on the Publish Ad button If you want to post it.

Your ad is posted successfully. Check Active or Inactive status regularly in Manage Ad.

You can also Edit, Delete or Repost your post from the Manage Ad menu.

Welcome to Your advertisement can be seen all over Bangladesh and around the world online.